‘Hey, sixty lady!’

My six year old son is a classic for coming out with hilarious comments and sayings, including memorable mal-a-props that are simply down to him mis-hearing a single letter in a word. He came out with a corker yesterday that I hope will cheer you up and make you laugh on this damp dishcloth of a day.“Mummy”

“Yes, my love”

“Does sixty mean attractive?”

Like other children, his timing is always impeccable; typically when you’re about to step out the door for the school run, already running 5 minutes late and you’ve just remembered they’re supposed to be dressed up as a pirate (yes, that did happen, and yes, I DID get him to school looking like a darn good pirate, thank you).

This time it was within our 10 minute window before leaving the house for school in which we need to do all the brushing of teeth/hair, coat and shoe putting on, daughter flailing about for that homework that should have been put in the book bag last night kind of time.  In this instance, I was doing my daughter’s hair, attempting to get it into a semblance of tidy beauty in two minutes flat.  Having just been washed her hair was rather slippy. Think attempting to put a small slippery octopus into a plastic bag (truly, I really have seen a woman do this in a food market in the south of France when I was seven years old. I’ve never forgotten it.)

Now, where was I? Oh yes…

‘Mummy, you’re not listening! Does sixty mean attractive?”

“Er, what do you mean, love?”, wondering what on earth he was on about.

“Well, E (his friend) says that it must mean that because in Gangnam Style he sings ‘Heeeey, sixty lady!”

My daughter and I fell about with laughter, whilst trying not to embarrass the poor boy (we have a policy of no question being too silly to ask in our house).

“No, no, it’s SEXY!”, his sister helpfully points out.

And then came the obvious next question.

“What’s sexy, Mummy?”

“Er… well, it’s when a woman or man is attractive to another woman or man.  Like, when a woman has big boobs or something.”

Oh crikey, did I actually say that?!  What was I thinking of?  What have I done to the boy’s attitude to bosoms or to women who aren’t well endowed? (well, as I’m one of them, he should be ok). Will he now go round remarking on any woman with an abundant chest size that she’s a ‘sexy lady’?!

“It’s hard to explain,” I went on, trying to undo the poor explanation. “You’ll understand better when you’re older”.  Yes, I trotted out that age-old refrain that I try so desperately not to.  In my experience as a kid that phrase was peculiarly annoying and rarely very enlightening.

Thankfully, he seemed satisfied, and no further questions ensued as I finished off the hair and scooted them downstairs.

Isn’t this one of the top requisites of being a parent – answering the hardest questions on earth at the most inopportune time?  Like the time he wanted to know if it’s ok to have babies if you’re not married (asked whilst I was negotiating the busiest roundabout in town), and how the banking system works (no, he’s not a precocious brat, he just wanted to know what ‘interest’ was and why we’d give our money to strangers who’d then lend them to other strangers… and he’s asking me?!)

So, what are the funniest, toughest questions you’ve been flummoxed with by your kids? Drop me a comment and let us all have a laugh.

Whilst you’re thinking about that check out this YouTube video of a real granny dancing Gangnam Style:  (note the other oldies in the room who are totally ignoring her and doing what respectable oldies do – writing letters!)

15 thoughts on “‘Hey, sixty lady!’

  1. Great questions! And I love “Hey sixty lady!” I might try substituting “sixty” for “sexy” in all the songs on the radio and see what the result is. Probably much better songs!

  2. It does make me laugh that at times like those we come out with some ridiculous snap answers and then spend forty times longer explaining that what we said wasn’t all-encompassing than we did answering in the first place!
    You WILL have the conversation about small boobs also being sexy and large boobs that aren’t sexy, it will happen one day…. 😀

    • I know, and the funny thing is, I’m in the ‘small boobs’ camp, so I now face the prospect of just adding to his mis-founded theory (that I (in capitals if I could) have planted in his mind. Duh!@!

  3. Ha! I do love that he wants to know how the banking system works – once you’ve told him, could you get him to explain it to me please?
    And I’m thinking he’ll definitely be a boob man when he’s older 😉

    • Thanks, H. Hope you didn’t mind that this post was a few weeks old and I added it to the blog hop for this week, but I’d wanted to do it when current but you were away? NExt time i’ll try and keep them current. And yes, he’s def going to be a boob man!

  4. My 4 year old me, whilst we waiting to cross a busy road “What’s sex, mummy?” Playing for thinking tiime, I said “What do you mean?” “Well, you know thay say what sex is that dog?” Phew.. birds and bees chat delayed for a more appropriate time and age!

    • Just goes to show that it pays to return a quizzical question with another question. I’ve had similar instances of those. What would we do without kids around? Answer: live flat footed. Thanks for commenting! S

  5. I had “Do you believe in God?”. The answer being no, which I knew would be problematic. I was tempted to respond with “don’t you want to know where babies come from?”

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