Help, get me out of this Narnia!

Icicles are everywhereFor the last week I’ve been feeling more and more convinced that I’m in Narnia – and I’m desperately hoping someone will point me in the direction of the darned lamp post!

On Monday morning as we walked into the school gates in sub-zero conditions, I had the horrid realisation that it was exactly 3 months since Christmas Day with only 6 days to Easter Sunday and that it was actually colder than Christmas Day! Ok, ok, I know the Easter season is a fickle beast and the weather as predictable as a teenage girl’s emotions, but what’s different about this year is that we’ve had no warm days in between those two seasonal landmarks. This is seriously not right.

I’ve become a total bore, talking about the weather to anyone I meet (how Irish is that?!).  I have to admit, most other people are doing the same. We’re all feeling the same.

So it’s official.  We’re in Narnia: snow is a normal sight, icicles are hanging off every bridge and roof edge to make the Ice Queen purr with delight, and I’m getting unbelievably sick of the sight of my winter coat. You see, my coat and I have an unspoken annual agreement to go our mutual ways by mid March if not earlier, but it’s been clinging on like a toddler with separation anxiety.  Grrr.

More to the point, just as in Narnia, no one is excited about it, not even the kids. Now that is strange.  When a flurry of snow came down the other day we stared up at it twirling in slow motion down onto the conservatory roof (a beautiful experience) and the kids barely squeaked. “Yeah, snow. Next.”  Crikey, things really are amiss when my 6 and 8 yr old don’t get excited about snow!

It speaks volumes about the importance of things at the right season, doesn’t it?

And then I realised that my desperately searching for the lamp post to get out of this frozen clime was actually misguided. Wasn’t it the presence of Aslan that melted the snow and ushered in spring in CS Lewis’ timeless classic ‘The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe’?  In fact, the snow melted before he even arrived, and spring was well on its way when the children even met him.

Yes, the lamp post brought the children back to their ‘real’ lives, but wasn’t that back to a dulll, damp war-time Scotland?

Isn’t that so true of how we often approach problems in life? We often turn to the familiar, to what we’re secure with to get us out of a problem, or to bring temporary relief, only to find it doesn’t really do the job.  What we really need to do is hang in there, go on the journey, and trust in the Son to come and breathe his warming light on us in whatever Narnia we are facing.  Because He will, and He does. And that is what brings real peace and security, and sometimes even real change.

Sunlight on a frosty March morning

4 thoughts on “Help, get me out of this Narnia!

  1. Siobhan, I love this post on multiple levels! We had three days of warm weather, but today we spiraled back down to the 30’s, yet I can smell in the air that things are changing. More profoundly, thank you for this reminder that God’s presence goes before us, doing work that we might not yet see. Lovely reminder!

  2. Oh I am so over Winter too – I’m with your kids! Like you, ‘the weather’ has become my one and only topic of conversation (well, that and our broken down boiler which isn’t helping the sub-zero temps!). I’m also ‘ with you’ in the fact that Jesus is the answer to our Narnia…beautifully put.

    • Thanks, S. BTW I’ve finally got round to updating my good family blogs, and you’re on there. (Under Great Finds). Hope you’re getting lots of votes for BiB. I’m not bothering promoting myself for various reasons, but v happy if people do vote for me!

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