4 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

    • Thanks. No it was amazingly un-cold – it was the first w/e of half term and it was blissfully un February like. We were in Peak District for a long w/e with friends staying at a YHA hostel. Climbed up this hill for picnic not realising quite how precipitous it was till my husband took this photo from across the hill. (This is the only Silent Sunday shot i’ve posted NOT taken my me!).

    • Thanks! Its in the Peak District, above a cave hanging way up high in the rock we’re standing on, called Thor’s Cave near village of Wetton, not far from Dovedale. We scrambled to the top with some very muddy children to have our picnic, and my husband walked to another peak and took this shot – which terrified me when we realised how close to the edge we were! I’d have called this ‘Picnic on Hanging Rock’ had I been allowed to give it a title! And no, it was amazingly un- cold!

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