104 days

104 days.

That’s how long it took me to turn my New Year decision to get on and write a blog into reality. A mere 6 months since I’d thought about it seriously.

Why so long?

I could say it was that age-old problem of parenting, the tyranny of the urgent, that prevented me, which would definitely be a large part of the truth. But ironically, it was a niggling concern that my blog wouldn’t look as flashy or be as funny as others. Yeah, I know, crazy, when that comparative disease is precisely what I’m wanting to write about.

I’ve had too many years of training to ensure work looks and sounds perfect before it’s put in the public eye. That’s because once its printed, that’s it.  But this whole blogging thing changes the parameters entirely. It’s a living, changeable thing, that’s intended to be raw, real, and not perfect in its crossed t’s and dotted i’s!  Liberating stuff.


4 thoughts on “104 days

  1. Love this idea Siobhan and looking forward to more (although I’m developing a nervous tick with not being able to ‘like’ anything. What has FB done to me?).

  2. “… this whole blogging thing … It’s a living, changeable thing, thats intended to be raw, real, and not perfect in its crossed ts and dotted i’s! …”

    – Yes! It’s about breaking out and re-discovering your voice – now that’s something worth investing your time in.

    Love that you’re addressing the comparative disease … more please!

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