‘Well done, Mum!’ An end of Summer Holidays poem

Today is the day not insignificant day that my kids return to school after the end of a wonderful summer break.  Each year, it brings out mixed emotions.  On the one hand, quiet delight that I get a break from being 24/7 carer who is asked a question every few minutes, tinged with a much larger dollop of sadness that the much needed, long stretch of no-agenda, chilled out, ‘kairos time’ with my two has come to an end.

Yet, I always think that mums (and dads) who’ve looked after their little darlings for nearly 7 weeks whilst also possibly holding down a job should get some recognition for no such small achievement.  I only have 2 to look after, and I could afford a holiday (that’s another blog post for another day!).  For many others, summer holidays can times when their patience and ingenuity are stretched very thin.

So this year, I thought it’d be fun to write a ditty for mums everywhere who are letting out a small sigh of relief today.

Just to warn you - I’m no serious poet, as you will see, and I only had an hour to dash it off in.  But I like having a bit of fun with poetry, and this is the only way I’ll get to practice!

‘Well done, Mum!’

If today is the day your kids went back to school,

after six weeks of lazing, fun and ‘mob’ rule,

You’re a marvel, a wonder, a specimen mum

who deserves one almighty, enormous “Well done!” Continue reading

Day out to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London, 2014

OlympicParkCollage4700 days ago, my family took the hour’s journey by train up to that hallowed, slightly awe-inspiring place called the ‘Olympic Park’ to see the Paralympic Games in 2012.  After weeks of watching it on TV from our town that is only 20 miles north of London, and dying to catch some of that incredible, never to be repeated, unadulterated exhilaration and optimism that oozed from Olympic Park, we finally got to get a taste.

It was indeed a really great day out, and one we’ll not forget in a hurry.

Since that wonderful, upbeat summer (and it really did feel that way, honestly, I’ve never known Londoners to be so free of cynicism and full of unadulterated joy) the London 2012 Legacy officianados have presided over turning the park into something that Londoners will enjoy as part of “a healthy, living and breathing London park”.  Or rather, one that Londoners and others will not moan about as being a waste of tax payers money….

Renamed the Queen Elizabeth Park, in case you’re confused, it opened officially this April, and since then I’d heard several positive murmurings about it in the school playground as a great place to bring kids for a day out.  So, always on the look out as I am for interesting, fun places to bring the kids in the holidays that don’t break the bank, I thought I’d take the kids up for the day. Continue reading

Dreading the Summer Holidays? Think again….

“The clock, for all its precision in measurement, is a blunt instrument for the psyche and for society” Jay Griffiths

Two years ago, I wrote this post as the summer holidays drew to a close.  If I’d read the newspaper article that inspired it earlier, I most definitely would have posted it before the holidays: it’s a fantastic reminder of the priceless value of down time that the 6 week break brings and that our kids so desperately need.  So, for those of you feeling a tight knot in your stomach building as the term draws to a close, read on! It won’t make the sibling spats and interruptions every 60 seconds any easier, but it will help you see value in those 6 weeks….

‘Back to School: Goodbye Kairos, Hello Chronos’

My two went back to school this week.

It’s always a week that I greet with mixed emotions.  Glee that I get some peace & quiet, time to read, write, swim, or simply shop without harassment or interference. No longer having to answer ‘yes’ to my son’s “Mummy” 40 times a day is a welcome relief, or to act as referee to increasing sibling spats as they get progressively fed up with each other.
But it’s almost always equalised with a sense of deep sadness that something very rare and precious in their lives has ended, at least for a season: the season of what is best termed ‘Kairos’. Continue reading

This time last year….school’s not out – but it darn well should be!

A year ago exactly, I wrote the post below.  You’d be forgiven for thinking me lazy in re-posting it, but I have good reason, honest!  I was reading Suzanne’s post Are we nearly there yet? from 3childrenandit earlier this week which reminded me of this.  When I re-read it, two things struck me:  one, that nearly all of it I could’ve written today to the letter, even more so since I’ve been juggling work with end of term-itis this year, and two, one key thing has changed for the better – and its a good ‘un!  I’ll let you read the post first, and then i’ll tell you what it is…… Continue reading

Bespoke Badges, Phone covers, T-shirts with Camaloon

Blog Badge on me

Those of you who are parent bloggers will know that last weekend was THE event of the year for parent bloggers namely, BritMums Live: when hundreds of bloggers (mainly women, save a few brave men) gather together to see each other in the flesh, talk, go to seminars to learn more about blogging, drink too much wine, eat tiny nibbles and generally have fun.  I haven’t yet blogged about it (my head has been straight back in the book project I’m working on) but I’m hoping I might yet. Continue reading

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