The Colposcopy (or Alice’s Adventures in Hospital land)

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My eyes caught sight of the sign. It was hanging at the end of the hospital corridor, a corridor I must have been down several times in the past for various ante-natal appointments. I’d never noticed it until today. I hadn’t even heard of the word until now.

“Coloscopy…, colosalpy… Closocapy… How the heck do I say that?” I muttered to myself. As a person not used to struggling for words (hah!) who was rather proud of her A grade for Latin ‘O’ level, I was slightly embarrassed that I couldn’t pronounce it. Continue reading

Winter Jewels

And so this was the week that winter finally arrived.  After watching aghast at daffodils unfolding their yellow petals on January 6th and cherry blossom make a ridiculous and worrying appearance in November, we were all so nearly fooled. Fooled into thinking we might just have, for once in living memory, cheated winter and skipped through to spring without any whisper of frost.

But look at the treats that we awoke to on Tuesday morning…..

FrozenBerries Continue reading

The Fall: when the circle of life rises to meet you

Zimmer Frame by call came in the morning, on the last day of the Christmas holidays. I hadn’t been up long. I was munching on a bowl of muesli in a chilly conservatory wondering how much longer to allow my son to keep playing on his much anticipated Christmas present, the hallowed X-Box. It was one of those days when I reluctantly started to wake up to the reality of normal, scheduled life where trainers had to be bought and homework completed for the first day back at school. You know, that short limbo period between the carefree time of Christmas and the scheduled school day. The tree and decorations were all still up, their sparkle starting to look a bit silly and out of place, like someone wearing a party frock in Homebase.

The phone rang.

“I’ve had a fall. I lost my balance getting out of bed. I can’t put any weight on my left leg but I’m not sure whether I should call an ambulance.” Continue reading

Star Wars – the true feminist awakens

StarWarsPosterIt was a bewildering 38 years ago that I sat in Tottenham Court Road Odeon cinema and saw the very first Star Wars.  It was 1977 and I was a mere 7 years of age.  My London-dwelling Granny had offered to pay for us all to go, all 6 of us.  “Shockingly noisy!” she bemoaned loudly in her cut-glass accent as we left. My mum still laughs about that.  I don’t remember what I thought except that it was the biggest cinema I’d been to up until then.

And so today, we took our youngest 9 year old son to see the much anticipated latest Star Wars film.    Continue reading

Christmas card competition winner #LoudnProud

Christmas RobinSome of you will know that my 11 year old daughter is rather gifted when it comes to drawing.  Or painting. Or anything involving an eye for design to be honest.  I’ve not talked about it much on this blog, I think because I don’t want to be seen blowing her trumpet.  But there are times when its really rather ok to blow that trumpet (especially at Christmas time, right? Those angels are up to it after all ;-).

Here’s why. Continue reading