Boyhood – a new phase

Football ballThump. Bang. Crash. Bang.

No. Its not the sound of builders. Or the latest video-game.  It’s the sound of my son.

“Will you please stop kicking that ball against the sideboard?!”

Every day this winter, the Boy likes nothing better than to kick his light-weight football up against the inside front door, or sometimes through it, using the porch as a make shift goal.   Continue reading

Things I Discovered – Spring 2015

Things I Discovered 4

Before you wondered what on earth has happened to this ‘Things I Discovered’ series, I thought I’d better get one together.  This freelance writing lark is wonderful, but it doesn’t half wreck havoc with one’s blog, and so the thing that went out the window most noticeably last year was this series (it takes surprisingly long to put one of these together).

But those lovely little finds don’t go away, so I’ve decided to do a quarterly/seasonal one hoping that’s a tad more realistic.  To make up for such a long time between drinks, I have a few treats in store for you….so, what you waiting for? Get discovering!

Technology/Toys: Mine  Mine Mum Blog

If yours is a household where the word ‘Minecraft’ lights up your children’s eyes but dulls yours, then this find is for you. You are going to so love me for this.   Continue reading

Light (at the end of the winter tunnel): The Photo Gallery

Oh, isn’t it so good to see winter finally throwing back the covers and letting a bit more light in these days?! Yes, it might still be very cold, but the days are getting longer and the light is getting stronger.  There is hope ;-)

Sunday was the most glorious day, with the sunlight actually feeling warm. We went for a family walk in the local countryside and I felt like we’d been let out of prison: the joy that crept through my body and onto my face was tangible.  We stopped by one of our favourite trees with a rope swing and my daughter hopped on, tossing her coat off for me to catch. I got this shot, which I love:

C on rope swing

Continue reading

4 Trees for #TheGallery


Yesterday was the kind of day that makes me want to forgive winter.  Ok, it was a startling minus 4 degrees. But the light was simply sublime and on my way back to my car after a doctor’s appointment, I simply had to do a detour via our lovely town park, the Roman Verulamium Park.

In this park stand four fir trees.  Continue reading

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