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Well, it seems the post I wrote last week ‘How do you tell the children?’ hit the spot.  It got picked up by various websites and blogger communities, most notably Christianity Magazine who put it on their blog. Their sister radio station then chose my  blog post as the topic of discussion on their Drive time show, which I just happened to tune into that afternoon – imagine my surprise when I heard my name read out on the radio as I peeled the carrots for supper! Lets just say the supper was a little delayed that night 😉

Anyway, one of the things I touched on in that post was how it can be hard to introduce our children to national or world news in a sensitive way.  TV news is simply too ‘in your face’ and alarmist in our view, so we prefer not to have it on whilst they’re up (or even after they’re in bed to be honest).

So, I thought I’d tell you about a couple of newspapers written especially for children which share the news in a very age appropriate way which some of you might find helpful. Continue reading

How do you tell the children?

New York, Mumbai, Ottawa, Kabul, Baghdad, Beirut, Damascus.  Now Paris.

I love this poignant sketch by French artist Jean Julien in response to the attacks.

Poignant sketch by French artist Jean Julien in response to the attacks.

When most of those cities were hit by appalling acts of terrorism, my children were not old enough to be told, let alone understand.  Now they are 9 and 11yrs.  They are old enough. Continue reading

Hogwarts in the Snow, 2015

20151112_203405I’m sure you’ve no doubt heard of, and perhaps even been to see, the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Watford, Herts.  As we live only 20 minutes away, and half of our household are fans, we are one of those lucky families who have had the chance to go.  However, we’ve never been at Christmas time and I’ve heard from several people that this is a very special time to go. So when I got invited to bring the family to the preview of #HogwartsinTheSnow last night, I said “Yes please and thank you!” as did my kids 😉 Continue reading

Carve a Heart for Halloween

imgID43269912.jpg-pwrt3As I write this, you’re most likely bracing yourself for the beastly annual task that is carving out a pumpkin. If you have more than one child, this may even extend to two or even three of the beasts. Aaagh.  Each year as I wash off the smelly orange stuff from half way up my arms, I wonder if its worth it.

This year, it will be very much worth it as we’re joining in again with World Vision’s ‘Carve a Heart’ campaign, where instead of a ghoulish face, we carve a heart. Why? To raise awareness, funds and spare several thoughts for the millions of children who live in real fear every night. Continue reading

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