Fat bums, fearful rockstars and Caro Emerald – a week of surprises



Last week was an ordinary week as weeks go, but it was beautifully adorned by 3 wonderfully bizarre and eclectic surprises that I just had to tell you about.

Fat Bottoms are in! 

The first was that fat bottoms are suddenly, gloriously ‘in’.  ‘What?’ I hear you exclaim?!  Yes, all those of you out there, like me, with thighs slightly wider than their hips, sit up and listen.   Continue reading

‘Fifteen years’ – a poem for our wedding anniversary

15thWedAnnivCollageLord, it’s becoming a habit this – writing posts to mark significant anniversaries.  I’m showing my age….Today, the wonderful, slightly hard to believe date to celebrate is an unfathomable FIFTEEN years since I said “I do” to my husband.

So much has happened in this time. So much water under the bridge.  I’ve neither the time nor the inclination to write a long post about it so I thought I’d have another go at a poem for a bit of fun.  I’ve dashed it off in an hour, so its very rough, but as usual, time is not on my side! So, here goes: Continue reading

Twenty Five Year Friends

Tower PhotoYesterday was one of those days that’ll linger and stay awhile in my memory.

It wasn’t the unseasonal sunshine, nor a whole decadent day in London without duties, the prosecco, or even the mini-icecream attached to my coffee cup.  Delicious as these were it couldn’t beat spending the day with two of my oldest friends who I met twenty five years ago this month. Continue reading

‘Well done, Mum!’ An end of Summer Holidays poem

Today is the not insignificant day that my kids return to school after the end of a wonderful summer break.  Each year, it brings out mixed emotions in me.  On the one hand, a quiet delight that I get a break from being 24/7 carer who is asked a question every few minutes, yet on the other a large sense of sadness that the much needed, long stretch of no-agenda, chilled out, ‘kairos time’ with my two children has come to an end.

Continue reading

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