Now is the time for leadership – starting with us #Brexit

The shocking result of the referendum last Thursday detonated on Friday morning sending people into either a tail spin of panic, or quiet jubilation.  The unthinkable had happened: the majority (by a hair’s breath) of the British population wanted out from Europe.

As most of my friends were Remain voters, my twitter and Facebook account was full of shock, horror and anger.  None of us really believed it would swing this way.  We knew people were disgruntled, disenfranchised and too ready to listen to disingenuous politicians pointing at migrants as the reason for the lack of GP appointments and school places.  But we didn’t realise it was quite this big, nor that a normally conservative populace would take the radical option, an option that most people had no idea of the full and very real consequences.

And so the rubber hit the fan.   Continue reading

In or Out? Why this EU vote is so hard for a post-modern society

decision-making-300x300As we draw near to 23 June, the date of the UK Referendum on the EU, it is becoming clearer to me why this is going to be such a tough vote.

It’s not simply because the issues are complex, the case far from clear cut and the reasons for voting to Leave after 40 years as understandable as the reasons for staying.

Whilst these are all very real, I wonder if it is because we are being asked to make a decisive choice: Yes or No. Continue reading

RIP Jo Cox MP – the death of a beautiful humanitarian & a true politician

© BBC images

© BBC images

I doubt there is anyone who has not felt appalled and sickened by the senseless murder of Jo Cox MP last week on the streets of her constituency.  Much has been written about it and will continue to do so over the coming days and weeks so I’ve been hesitant to write here, to add to the many words of analysis and condolence.

But as one who used to work in the sector Jo did before becoming an MP only 15 months ago, I want to express why I find this so hard, so sad, and yet also share a glimmer of hope. Continue reading

‘Endless’ bracelet review from Jago Jewellers St Albans

Four available colours

Looking for a present for a female in your life? Maybe a teen who’s worked super hard at their exams, or a mum with a birthday coming up?  If so, Jago Jewellers have got some lovely leather bracelets with charms from Jennifer Lopez’s Endless range that are on special offer at the moment and come in pretty summer colours (see above) as well as smarter greys and blues. Continue reading

Guardian Masterclass: learning the art of writing for children – the naughty way!

Cressida Cowell

Cressida Cowell in mid flow

I have often toyed with the idea of writing a children’s book.  The simple reason is it is a fantastic excuse to poke fun at life and to laugh at the anachronisms of life.  Kids totally get this. Adults are often too busy being too serious to stop and notice.

But who am I to write a children’s book? For a start, how would I find the time? I’m rubbish at getting up before my kids in order to pen that best seller, and too tired by 10pm to do anything sensible.  Writing creatively might be the best fun in the world, but it doesn’t pay the bills.

But then I received an email from Guardian Masterclass promoting their latest course ‘How to Write a Children’s Book’ featuring Cressida Cowell and the publisher who ‘found’ JK Rowling (i.e. the one who realised her cataclysmic potential and didn’t turn her away like the rest).   Continue reading