4 Trees for #TheGallery


Yesterday was the kind of day that makes me want to forgive winter.  Ok, it was a startling minus 4 degrees. But the light was simply sublime and on my way back to my car after a doctor’s appointment, I simply had to do a detour via our lovely town park, the Roman Verulamium Park.

In this park stand four fir trees.  Continue reading

Going without our coats for the kids of Syria

Every child needs a coat BadgeNext Thursday we’re doing a slightly batty thing as a family: we’re not wearing our coats for a day so that refugee children from Syria can wear one every day.

I know. Its the middle of January, the coldest time of the year. And since making the decision to sign up, that lovely man from The Met has predicted snow for the south east (eek!). But when I heard that my former employer, World Vision UK, was organising a sponsored Give Up Your Coats day I immediately knew this would be a good thing for us to do as a family. Continue reading

Things I Discovered in 2014

Lighthouse2014And so the wonderful season Christmas has come to its reluctant but inevitable end, presents have been gorged/assembled/played with, relatives fed and visited, and card games played.  So now I’ve finally had the chance to reflect back on the year that was 2014 (heck, where did that go?!).  And what a year it was: one of new opportunities, amazing experiences, new places explored, silly costumes worn and the odd mishap (ehem).  I thought this photo I took of the stunning lighthouse in Plymouth to be a fitting image so here it is.  It was an incredibly busy, full year, so although these are the highlights its not that short….please ‘bear with’ in good ol’ Miranda fashion!

In 2014 I discovered…. Continue reading

The Gift of a cup of tea? Putting kindness into Christmas….

141216_153318_4362If you read my post a few weeks back, Ebola, Bombs and Christmas? you’ll know that I’m trying this year to do Christmas a little differently. Nothing majorly radical, like ditching the Christmas tree or stockings (life wouldn’t be worth living!), but trying to keep a limit on that most powerful of Christmas spirits, the spirit of Over Spend and her brother, Ridiculously Over Busy, or Rob for short.

I know. It’s a serious battle to keep them at bay.  The TV, radio, social media are all yelling at us to make everything perfect, home-made, up to the minute, and now!  Suzanne from 3childrenandit told us last week just how much she’s struggling with it all too.

But yesterday I got a chance to silence those loud and rambunctious spirits, and took 15 minutes out of my day, and £4.15 out of my purse to buy four cups of tea for the car wash guys in the Sainsburys car park. Continue reading

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