Blue & Yellow: Colours of our Easter holidays

Well, the two week Easter holidays has come to a reluctant close.  Suddenly, we’re back into Get There on Time mode, Don’t Forget This mode, and ‘Homework’ looms dark and large on the horizon….

We’ve had bucket loads of down time, doing what we feel like, running around in the sunshine, digging in sand dunes and walking along windy Norfolk beaches (heaven to our land-locked selves), painting eggs, laughing very loudly at the Muppet movie, remembering the bittersweet events of Easter, eating chocolate and reading.

But what comes to mind when I think back are the vivid bright colours.   Dazzling yellow and gold of sunshine and flowers and sand, blue of azure skies and painted eggs, the brown of caterpillars and giant pretzel sandwiches, and the black and white of the pages on my son’s latest favourite book…. So here’s a pictorial record of our holidays, in colours:



The dazzling yellow of the sun, a very welcome return guest to our lives….of rape seed fields that bloomed extra early this year, of daffodils, of beach sand and a forgotten toy truck…. Continue reading

My Sunday Photo

Cherry Blossom

Our street is lined with cherry trees.  This means that for 2 weeks every year in April it is transformed into a dreamy, blossom-filled avenue that makes my heart sing with the beauty of it all.  Like a bride on her wedding day, the street becomes radiant, the trees laden with delicate papery blossom, striking against an azure April sky.  A small natural wonder in an otherwise unremarkable, suburban area.

I always think someone should hold a wedding party here. Or at least we should throw a street party to celebrate the coming of the blossom, like the Japanese.

I could’ve attached so many other photos of our lovely, lazy Easter holiday week, such as my kids painting blown eggs to look like Mr Bump, or making crazy sandwiches filled with giant pretzels, ham and tomato paste (my 7yr old son!), but it had to be this one for its sheer beauty.  I’ll include those in a Easter holiday montage at end of next week when we’re back from our short break in Norfolk.

Have a lovely second week of Easter holidays….

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On Saturday 12 April at midnight, voting closes for a set of awards that recognises excellence in parent blogging.  These prestigious awards are organised by BritMums, the parent blogger network that I’m a part of.  I’ll actually be at the award ceremony as its all part of the annual shindig that is BritMums Live conference in June this year. Continue reading

Things I Discovered – March

Things I Discovered.Badge2Well hello there everyone.  Those of you who follow me regularly will spot I’m a tad late with this one…..Let’s just say that the one overriding, big, fat Thing I Discovered this month is the realisation that I am not a super-human.  You know, someone who can run a Quiz Night, perform in her first gospel concert with the oh-so-amazing London Community Gospel Choir, start work on her first piece of paid editorial and writing work (YES!!!), attend a Mayor’s Ball with fellow St Alban Bloggers, come down with flu, AND write a Things I Discovered post!!!  (Yikes, did i really do all that?!) So you can guess what fell off the Shelf of Achievable Aims this month….and I’m seriously in need of the Easter holidays. Continue reading

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